Why a Ground Blind?

XENEK was conceived differently than most outdoor companies in that we laid the foundation for our mission, vision and values and our marketing plan before we settled on a product to design, develop or improve.

We loved the idea of a transparent company with two way communication with customers that relied on word-of-mouth advertising versus the traditional path for a product oriented company.

However, we also knew that this word-of-mouth influencer model meant that we really had to do what we said we were doing since there would be no fancy and flashy advertising campaign to carry a subpar product. That inspired us to start from scratch. As self-admitted gear junkies, both Jake and I already had a short list of products that we regularly used that left us “less than impressed.”

As we narrowed that list, we kept finding ground blinds to be one of our most talked about products. We were unhappy with a laundry list of features such as:

  • Ease of transportation
  • Lack of window adjustability
  • Lack of durability
  • Hard to use shoot through screens
  • Lack of camera friendliness for filming
  • Lack of kid friendliness for our upcoming hunting generations
  • Lack of integrated accessory options

We also knew that ground blinds were not very “retail friendly “due to their size when displayed. We believed we could show off the features of a blind better online for our customer then he or she could experience by looking at a long rectangular box in a retail store.

The combination of these factors led us to commit to overhauling a standard five hub pop up style blind to improve each aspect we were unhappy with in competitor blinds. The apex ground blind is the end result of this project. We believe it is the top us and easiest to transport blind on the market we also think you’ll love the customizability of our four-way stretch window covers and the built in accessory mounting locations you’ll find on every hub of our blind. However, as is always the case with a XENEK product, we’d love to hear your honest feedback (good or bad) so that we can continue to improve and refine our designs!


Jerrod and Jake