Ounces vs Pounds

If you do a quick search for camera mounts for tree stands, you’ll have plenty of tree stand camera mounts to choose from. There definitely is no shortage of options, so why did we decide to jump into the mix and create a camera mount? The answer is simple… ounces instead of pounds. While most other manufacturers continue to build bigger camera mounts, we decided to go the opposite direction and build a camera mount that the average self-filmer might actually take on a hunt. We are pleased to introduce XENEK’s Mini-Mount.


We actually created the Mini-Mount with ourselves in mind. If we are going to self-film from a stand, we’re going to keep it simple. We’re going to put up a wide angle POV camera, position it once, and then let it works its magic while we focus on our primary goal – a successful hunt!

We also knew ourselves well enough to understand that if a camera mount didn’t fit in our front pocket, it would most likely get left on the dash of the truck. As you can see below, the Mini-Mount is extremely compact and lightweight, coming in under 4 ounces. This is a fraction of the size and weight of most other tree stand camera mounts. If you read up on the specifications of most other camera mounts, you’ll notice they show their weight in pounds!



Just as successful hunters must be versatile and adapt in the field, we created a camera mount that also is versatile and able to be used in a tree stand or in a ground blind. The Mini-Mount utilizes our Quick Attach Tree Screw to fasten to a tree and our hub coupling system to attach directly to the hub of a ground blind. All XENEK blinds come with this coupling system installed at all hubs, allowing the camera to be installed in seconds to the inside or outside of the ground blind.



Here is a short video that shows how the Mini-Mount attaches to a tree.

And here is a short video that shows the Mini-Mount attaching to XENEK’s Apex ground blind.


Find XENEK’s Mini-Mount at https://www.huntxenek.com/ and good luck this spring season!