Welcome to the XENEK Affiliate Program

Connecting with trusted names in and around the hunting industry is an integral part of our mission and business model. If we can create a product that other people are willing to talk about, we know we’re doing something right. And throughout the years, our relationships with affiliates have allowed us to grow in the right direction. As our affiliates expand in volume and reach, so do we.

How It Works

These days, most people can sniff out an advertisement from a mile away, and we’re all looking for that trusted source from which to glean credible information that can help us sort through the noise. That’s why instead of crowding the online space with more advertising, we’ve made it a point to let XENEK’s products speak for themselves.

If you like our products enough to tell your friends about them, why not help us spread the word about XENEK? Our affiliates range from outdoor-oriented non-profit clubs to nationally aired TV shows. We can easily track our referral sales through the use of promo codes and are then able to pay our affiliate members for each item they sell — all we ask is that our affiliates share their honest opinions within their circles and provide honest feedback to us.

All this means we have the responsibility of creating products that deserve a recommendation, but hey — creating high-quality products is what got us here in the first place. It’s a responsibility we welcome.

Become an Affiliate:

XENEK Affiliate Application Form

  • If your Affiliate commissions exceed $600 in a calendar year, XENEK is required to report this income with a 1099 MISC form to you and to the IRS. For the purpose of tax reporting, please indicate which business type accurately reflects your business.

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