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How Do You Hunt Whitetails from the Ground?

Whitetails are born with a suspicious nature. They are perhaps the most edgy of all North American big game species, which makes them both fun and frustrating to hunt. In order to successfully do so, you will need to avoid being picked up off by one of their incredibly attuned senses. In my opinion, you’ll […]

How Do You Bowhunt with a Ground Blind?

Ground blinds were literally made for bowhunters. While a shotgun or rifle can be discreetly maneuvered into an aiming position, a bow requires a great deal of movement to ready the arrow for the shot. A ground blind provides welcome cover for the movement needed to get to full draw, calmly aim, and execute the […]

When Should I Set My Ground Blind for Deer Hunting?

If you ask any ten ‘expert’ ground blind hunters how many days in advance you should set up your ground blind for a deer hunt, you’ll probably get ten different answers. The best answer is that deer will become more and more accustomed to your blind over time. In a perfect world, you would leave […]

Disadvantages of Using a Ground Blind

ASCENT Ground Blind (w/ Backpack) - DSX Camo

You may find it unusual to see a blog from a ground blind manufacturer that discusses the disadvantages of using a ground blind.  While I would love to keep my head in the clouds, drink the ground blind Kool-Aid, and look only at the advantages, taking the time to focus on the disadvantages really allows […]

Do You Have to Brush in a Ground Blind?

The most successful hunters all have something in common – they don’t leave anything to chance if they don’t have to. While it isn’t mandatory to brush in a ground blind, it’s one of those things that is within your control. There are plenty of deer, elk, bears, and antelope that are harvested every year […]

The Pronghorn Pursuit

Antilocapra Americana – The Speed Goat Experts estimate that more than 30 million pronghorn once roamed North America. That teeming population dwindled to less than 15,000 before hunting conservationists pushed the panic button to save the species. Thanks to those efforts, there are nearly 1 million pronghorns roaming North America today, making them one of […]