XENEK – Stabilizer Coupler (For Use w/ Mini-Mount)


The XENEK Stabilizer Coupler allows XENEK’s Mini-Mounts (camera mounts) to attach directly to a compound bow.  The Stabilizer Coupler is compatible with all stabilizers and can also be used without a stabilizer. It attaches close to the riser of the bow to reduce vibration in the camera at the shot and to keep the effects of any added weight to an absolute minimum. It provides 4 locations to install Mini-Mounts, which accommodates multiple cameras and allows for ambidextrous use.

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If you want to provide hunters with more opportunities than any one else, you have to be willing to go where nobody else has been. XENEK has gone to the next level with the use of a window system that puts the Apex ground blind at the top. Experience the quality and innovation of all our products, and enjoy the hunt.

Ranked one of the better turkey blinds for 2017 by Bowhunter Magazine.

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